Lawn and Gardening To-Do’s and Tips to Close Off the Summer

Sadly, another glorious summer is coming to an end, but there’s no time to feel down! Our gardens and plants need our help to make sure they’re ready for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. There are a number of things you can do to prepare your flowers, plants, and gardens, while also being able to enjoy the warm days we still have. Here are some lawn and garden tips for your to-do list.

How to deal with your lawn

With the dry weather we’ve had over the past month or so, having to cut the grass hasn’t been much of an issue. But we should start seeing a little more precipitation, and it’s good to plan ahead and get your lawn ready for the cold months down the road.

Don’t take too much off – Like you do when it’s hot and dry out, continue to cut your grass at the tallest setting on your mower. This offers shade to the roots of your grass and helps it to retain moisture.

Don’t wait, aerateAerating is something that should be done periodically throughout the summer, but should definitely be done in August. Aerating allows oxygen and moisture to seep deep into the ground to soak the roots. This encourages strong growth from your grass.

Give your lawn a steady drink – If you can, use a sprinkler and water your lawn at least twice a week, and of course, do it early in the morning and late in the evening. The stronger your lawn is going into fall and winter, the stronger it will come back next spring.

Fertilize and seed – Add a nitrogen-based fertilizer a day or two after watering and add grass seed to any bare spots. Again, you want a lawn that will be able to withstand whatever our harsh winter will throw at it.

Annuals and perennials

For your flowers, there are a number of things you can do to finish off the summer:

  • Cut back any overgrown plants
  • Get rid of late-season pests, such as aphids and spider mites with a spray from your hose.
  • Treat and or remove any plants that may be diseased, especially before any foliage falls.
  • Prune back climbing plants and vines.
  • Label any perennials that die down to the soil so you can find them next spring.
  • Save some seeds and take cuttings from your favourite plants so you can have them grow next year.

Vegetable gardens

There are some great veggies that can be planted in late August if you start them from seeds inside your home. Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are just a few vegetables that can go in the garden in mid to late August. It’s also a great time to cut any fresh herbs you have. Dry and freeze them so you can use them during the fall and winter months. Keep up on all garden maintenance and make sure to enjoy the results of your efforts.

Garden beds

Add some compost or manure to your garden beds as the last meal to get them to the end of the season. Also, replace or add mulch to any spots that may need it. Bare soil is an invitation to weeds, and you want to keep as many nutrients in your soil for the plants you want, so they’re strong throughout the winter.

If you want any additional lawn and garden tips, contact the lawn care experts at Weed-A-Way. Our experienced and dedicated staff offer a variety of services to ensure your lawn looks its best.

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