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The Best Garden Soil for Growing Carrots

Carrots can be a little temperamental when it comes to growing them. The right garden soil can go a long way to getting them growing big, healthy and perfect for eating in you home.

This is because not only do they love light and the temperatures range (15-18 degrees) found in spring and fall, but they also love light, stone free garden soil with excellent drainage. A high amount of organic matter is also needed.

A rich and sandy peat soil can do an excellent job of all this, allowing the roots to grow deeply into the soil.

It is very difficult to grow carrots in soil that is heavy with clay, compacted or full of stones. These sorts of conditions make it difficult for the roots to grow. Just as bad as those are water logged areas of your garden. Both of these problems can be solved with the same rich and sandy peat soil talked about in the first paragraph.

Once you get the right garden soil, and get a good crop growing, be sure to rotate where you grow your carrots every year. The rotation should take at least 3 years to get back to a previously used area.

This will cut down drastically on potential disease build up in the area, while also resting the soil using a practice known as crop rotation. Crop rotation is the process that allows modern farming to occur, use it in your garden too and your soil will fatigue slower.

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