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We have provided top quality lawn care service and lawn maintenance to Hamilton residents for over 40 years.

Weed-A-Way guarantees your 100% satisfaction on our services.

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  • Weed control (Noticeable Results within 2 Weeks).
  • Aeration services to accelerate new grass growth on your lawn.
  • Grub Treatment to get rid of those unwanted brown patches on your lawn.
  • Insect Control to help your grass come back to life.
  • Fertilization services to help achieve the plush, green lawn you desire.

We hire only licensed, knowledgeable and experienced technicians; and use first-class lawn products with our lawn care programs.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say.

“I often looked at other people’s lawns and wondered how they got them so green and healthy… When I started looking for a lawn company I chose Weed-A-Way because they have been in business for many years with the same owner, and they were very knowledgeable due to that level of experience. Weed-A-Way gave us great service, and most importantly, great results! I think other people now look at my lawn and wonder how it got so green and healthy!”Debby

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