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Crabgrass Control Lawn Treatments

What is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass in Hamilton is a type of annual weed that appears during the summer and can spread hundreds of seeds during its lifespan. Annual grassy weeds are tough, aggressive plants that thrive on stressed areas of your yard. Dried-out lawns, thin patches and sun-scorched areas are inviting spots for crabgrass. The best way to avoid crabgrass is maintaining healthy practices for your lawn. Sounds easy, right? We’ve made it even easier – here’s everything you need to know about crabgrass control in Hamilton.

Signs You Have Crabgrass

Contrary to what many people believe, crabgrass is more of an invasive grass plant than a weed. This type of grass isn’t your usual sodded lawn grass, it grows fast and tall, sprouting large patches above your current lawn. Because of its thicker and larger appearance, crabgrass is easily noticeable and doesn’t blend in well with the rest of your lawn. Its unattractiveness and separation from the rest of your lawn are why crabgrass is considered a weed rather than typical grass.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Sometimes the best offence is defence. To avoid crabgrass from growing it’s best to maintain a healthy lawn by watering, seeding, cutting etc. At Weed-A-Way, we have the experience and expertise to help treat your lawn and get it back to a healthy state. Whether it’s grass seed, grub treatment, weed control or more —  we can help! If you’re unsure which lawn treatment is right for you, send us your questions or pictures of your lawn. We’ll follow up with a quick response so we can identify the problem and recommend the best method right for you.

How to Control & Eliminate Crabgrass

Crabgrass in Hamilton is a symptom of poor lawn health. If your lawn hasn’t received the attention it needs there are a few things you can do to control crabgrass. Take the initiative to provide your lawn with new grass seed, core aeration and fertilizer. Luckily, at Weed-A-Way we can help you control and eliminate crabgrass. We only use the most effective and environmentally safe products on the market. Fiesta® is a highly effective product that shows immediate results within hours. Furthermore, it’s completely safe and green so people and pets can freely re-enter the treated area once the spray is dry.

Crabgrass Removal Hamilton

Don’t be frustrated with crabgrass weeds on your lawn. Contact Weed-A-Way for accountable crabgrass removal in Hamilton. Visit our website for more information on lawn care treatments that are best suitable for you. Our priority is helping you regain a green, lush and healthy lawn all season long.

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