Surface Insect Control

When your yard looks brown, you might think you just need to water more, but what you really need is surface insect control. Chinch bugs, sod webworms, and cutworms all cause stress to your turf, which can lead to dry and dead looking patches. If you have been watering frequently, but you can’t seem to bring your yard back to life, it is possible that you could have a bug problem.

Pests usually strike in the summer, when the climate is hot and dry, and plants are already stressed by drought and traffic.

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Chinch Bug - © jacinta lluch valero

How Weed-a-Way helps

  • Our certified technicians identify the source of your problem quickly and accurately

  • Our integrated pest management service provides effective and environmentally sound products

  • Crane fly’s, chinch bugs, sod webworms, and cutworms are destroyed

  • Your grass comes back to life

Weed-a-Way has 4 decades of lawn care service experience dealing with lawn saboteurs, so we are able to accurately diagnose the cause of your turf troubles. Many pests are so small, and usually buried in thatch, that they are very difficult to spot to the untrained eye. Let our trained technicians take care of your problem, so you can go back to keeping your lush, dark green grass maintained.

If you have been giving your yard enough hydration but it’s still looking dry and unsightly, request a quote for surface insect control, and let us help you regain a gorgeous lawn that you neighbours will envy.

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