Seed and Feed

Are you one of the many lawns damaged by this years Drought, Grubs, Surface Insects, or Diseases in South Western Ontario?

Weed-A-Way’s new Seed & Feed is a mix of grass seeds, organic matter, fertilizers, bonding agents and water. The mix is pushed through a spreader and transforms into a uniform lawn in several weeks. Seed & Feed typically germinates faster than seeds alone. It creates an ideal micro-environment for germinating seed.

seed and feed before results
seed and feed after results

After the short time it takes to establish, a Seed & Feed lawn is deeper-rooted. Until recently, if you wanted a nice lawn fast, you had to pay the high price to install sod. But that’s all changing. You can have a lush, dark green, easy-to-maintain lawn in as little as 30-45 days… at a fraction of the price of sod.

Overall effectiveness, cost-efficiency, reliability, compatibility, and flexibility are just some of the things that give Seed & Feed the nod when it comes to methods of choice for seeding, making it a premium addition to our lawn care services. Seed & Feed can be done starting early Fall to late Spring.

There’s nothing mysterious or experimental about it. It’s not “too good to be true”. If you water, fertilize and mow according to our instructions, it’ll become a beautiful, lush, green lawn in about 30 to 45 days.

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