Grub Treatment

services_overseeding-core-aerationIf you want to rid your yard of ugly brown patches, we can provide you the most effective grub treatment for lawns. Our natural products will not only save your grass from bugs, but increase growth and promote health, while letting you avoid the expense of replacing all of your turf.

Do not wait too long to get help-the longer you delay treatment, the more vulnerable you are to damage from skunks and raccoon’s that are known to feed on grubs.


How do you eliminate grubs?

Nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic worms, and a natural enemy of the species that cause browning of your yard. Our certified technicians spray nematodes on the affected areas, and you see your grass improving as the microscopic worms destroy your pests.

You invest time and money into making your property look great, and you know that it is your outdoor space makes the first impression on your neighbours and guests. Don’t let pests that can be easily dealt with ruin all of your efforts.

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