Mosquito Guard
& Tick Control Programs


We have the solution! Weed-A-Way is thrilled to provide an effective and proven Mosquito guard & tick program designed to allow you to enjoy your outdoor space!


Our Mosquito Control Program is designed specifically to target and eliminate mosquito populations within your outdoor spaces.

5 Expertly Timed Visits

Thorough Assessment

Mosquito Barrier Creation

Eco-Friendly Products

Satisfaction Guarantee

Starting at

$364.89* / year


Our Mosquito & Tick Control Program is a comprehensive solution aimed at providing maximum outdoor protection for your home.

5 Expertly Timed Visits

Thorough Assessment

Mosquito & Tick Barrier Creation

Eco-Friendly Products

Satisfaction Guarantee

Starting at

$492.34* / year

Benefits of our Program:
  • Commercial Grade Mosquito & Tick Control: Our trained professionals will keep your yard bug-free, so you can relax and play in peace.
  • Expertly Timed Visits: Continuous visits by our experts throughout the season for your peace of mind.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our treatments are safe for your family, pets, and the environment.
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At Weed-a-Way Ltd, we believe you deserve a delightful outdoor experience, free from the irritating buzz of mosquitoes or the health risks posed by ticks. To ensure this, we offer two purpose-designed programs that gift you a bug-free yard. With our meticulous Mosquito and Tick Control Programs, we ensure your yard remains a safe haven throughout the season with five strategically scheduled visits. We focus on treating all the mosquito hotspots – trees, shrubs, standing water, decks, and more, every 30 days.

  • Comprehensive Inspection: Our experts sweep your property with an eagle eye, pinpointing every potential mosquito and tick breeding ground.
  • Powerful Barrier: We deploy potent strategies to decimate the tick and mosquito population, curating an outdoor space where you can relax and your kids can play, worry-free.
  • Five Timely Check-ups: Enjoy a full season of consistent protection with five expert visits. Our dedicated team ensures the continuity of tick and mosquito control, so you can soak up every moment outdoors.
  • Prioritizing Safety: Your family’s safety and the ecological balance are our prime concerns. We choose our products meticulously, minimizing environmental impact while safeguarding your loved ones.
  • Our Commitment: We’re committed to your peace of mind. If required, we’ll revisit your property to ensure you’re 100% satisfied.


Can my children play in the yard during a Mosquito Squad treatment?

During our application and until the treatment is dry, it’s advisable to keep children and pets away. If contact occurs before drying, remove contaminated clothing and rinse skin thoroughly. Once dry, there’s no re-entry period, as the product minimally transfers to dry surfaces.

How long does the barrier spray treatment take, and how long does it last?

A typical half-acre treatment lasts 30-45 minutes. Larger yards might take longer. Clients often experience mosquito reductions for up to 60 days, with a guaranteed 14-day satisfaction period. Retreatment every 3-4 weeks is recommended to prevent mosquito repopulation.

What's the cost?

Pricing is customized based on property size, foliage density, and chemical usage. Our services page lists the maximum price for your property. Contact us for a free quote without needing a property visit.

What chemicals are used, and are they safe?

We use an all-natural repellent and pyrethroids for barrier sprays, approved under Federal Pest Control Products and Provincial Pesticides Acts. Pyrethroids are commonly found in household and pet products.

For more information on products:

All Natural: Link to MSDS for All Natural
Barrier Spray: Contact us via call or email for MSDS on the specific pyrethroids used.

Will the smell of the all-natural spray bother me?

The all-natural spray has a mild odor and becomes unnoticeable within hours.

Will it eliminate all mosquitoes?

While no service offers 100% protection, our treatment significantly reduces mosquito presence.

Do I need to be home for treatments?

No, as long as your gate is unlocked and pets are indoors.

Will the smell of the all-natural spray bother me?

The all-natural spray has a mild odor and becomes unnoticeable within hours.

Can I get a one-time treatment for a special event?

Yes, we offer special event treatments effective even if it rains, available 24-72 hours before the event.

Do you spray the grass?

Mosquitoes don’t usually shelter in grass, but we target areas where they commonly linger.

What if it rains after treatment?

Adequately dried treatments are rain-resistant and maintain effectiveness.