Grass looking sparse? Overseeding and Core Aeration is your Solution.

You can breathe new life into your unattractive thinning lawn by combining overseeding with core aeration. Grass, like all other living things, has a lifecycle, and it is natural for an aging lot to become thinner over time. Our combined service improves the effectiveness of seeding on its own, replacing bare patches that have been left as a result of your old turf beginning to die off.

You want a dense green carpet surrounding your property, but dry conditions, grubs, and surface insects are standing in your way. Let the lawn care experts give you the best looking lot in your neighbourhood.

Damaged grass in need of overseeding and core aeration
overseeding services for green grass

How it works

  • Revives your yard, replacing the blades that have died off, leaving your turf looking sparse
  • Organic matter, bonding agents, and water in the mix ensures the fastest germination possible
  • Nutrients allows roots to develop stronger and grow deeper
  • Within 30-45 days, you have dense and vibrant turf

Weed-A-Way’s mix creates the most ideal environment for germination, so it is guaranteed effective. When we remove cores of your turf prior to spreading, it allows the seed to more effectively fill in bare patches while minimizing materials blowing away. By providing the right nutrients, organic matter, and water, in the right amounts, we ensure that a strong root system is developed. This strong foundation provides better drought resistance, and healthier looking blades for a more resilient and attractive yard. We can provide this service from the early autumn to late spring.

Until recently, if you wanted nice grass fast, you had to pay a premium price to have sod laid. This combined service can provide the same results, in as little as 30 days, at a price that can fit into any homeowner’s budget.

If you’d like to get beautiful, lush turf that sets the stage for the rest of your property, request a quote today for core aeration and overseeding lawn care services.

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