Weed Control

Our weed control services are one of the key elements in our lawn care program that can help give you the healthiest lawn on your street. You already know that your front yard is an important factor for the overall appearance of your home. You spend time and money making your home and garden look great, so you can’t afford to let unsightly dandelions ruin your curb appeal.

We are certified to provide you with turf treatments that are effective and environmentally sound. Our product is applied only when needed by licensed, trained technicians. If you follow our recommendations, our treatments are guaranteed to be successful.

About our FIESTA Application

With FIESTA, you don’t have to choose between the environment and effectiveness. It is a mineral based product that is as effective as traditional treatments, without any of the associated restrictions. It is predominantly formulated from iron, and it lacks the unpleasant odour that is common with lawn products. This natural treatment provides you with same day visible damage to your unwanted weeds. After the spray it is absorbed rapidly into the weeds, then your grass is safe to walk on for people and pets.

Within as little as one week’s time following our application, you will be able to see results. As your grass competes with other unwanted plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight, after we spray your property, you will notice your lawn will start to thrive.

Investing in your home turf is the easiest way to stand out from your neighbours. Whether you are taking preventative measures, or your yard is already infested with obnoxious dandelions and thistles, we have your quick and simple solution. If your stubborn problem persists after you’ve undergone our recommended application, we will come back and re-spray at no additional charge. *Excludes Basic Program

If you’d like your home to be surrounded by lush and vibrant green, request a quote for weed control services today.

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