Lime Treatment

You can tell a lush lime treated lawn from a yard that isn’t treated – the difference is that significant. Having great looking grass has a lot to do with the growing conditions on your property. In Ontario, growing conditions aren’t always perfect for the turf we plant in our yards, so you need to take corrective measures.

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This is how it works

  • Certified technicians apply customized horticultural lime treatment

  • Your soil conditions become ideal for promoting growth

  • Your grass thrives!

This quick and simple process can save you the headaches of trying to tend to your weakened turf.

Although many people think that this service should only be done prior to planting on a new property, there are several benefits to treating a mature yard. If your mature lot has slipped back to acidic soil, this will prevent you from having the beautiful grass that you want. By providing your turf the conditions it needs to thrive, you will have to do less maintenance to keep your property gorgeous.

Highly acidic soil will leave your yard at a greater risk for grass fungus diseases, which can leave a powdery white look on your blades or in extreme cases, destroy entire patches. Weed-A-Way’s lawn care service can help you prevent these problems, so that your property can stand out from your neighbour’s.

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