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Signs You Have Grubs in Your Lawn

Grubs are an annoying pest but are a common reality of owning a healthy lawn or garden. While they may seem harmless, grub infestations can quickly get out of hand if left untreated. Lawn grubs are very small and they hide underground, so it can be difficult to determine whether or not you need Caledon grub treatment. Before a problem arises take into consideration these warnings to prevent additional lawn damage. Here are a few signs you may have lawn grubs:

  • Brown patches brown or yellow patches on a healthy and well-watered lawn are a sign there are grubs underneath the turf.
  • Rodents or birds small animals such as moles, racoons, birds, or skunks like to dig up gardens and lawns to get at the grubs below.
  • Spongy grass grubs tend to eat away at the roots underneath your grasses, making it feel loose or spongy as you walk over it.

Grubs found under lawn.

Why Perform Grub Treatments?

Grubs eat and live off the roots of your plants and grass, which limits the spread of nutrients and causes your lawn to weaken. Initially, grubs may seem like a minor annoyance, but over time they attract animals that dig up the insects as a food source. Your lawn will be left with considerable damage if the problem isn’t dealt with promptly. If you happen to notice a grub problem, here are a few ways Caledon grub treatment can help:

  • Increased growth – grub treatments repair and prevent damage from the insects, and also encourages lawn and grass growth.
  • Prevention of dry spots – yellow or brown spots on your lawn can be a hassle to deal with. It can easily be repaired to prevent future dry spots.
  • Repel rodents – animals and birds love to dig up your property to get to the grubs below. Treatments give them no reason to come back.

Grub Treatment in Caledon

Weed-A-Way specializes in grub treatments in Caledon, we are dedicated to solving your pest problem before it’s too late. Our team has the tools and knowledge to treat, repair, and protect your property from grub disease. Here are a few of the grub treatment services we offer:

  • Dethatching – dethatching or core aeration removes plugs of soil, allowing for better circulation of nutrients and preventing grubs.
  • Nematodes – Nematodes are naturally occurring worms that we spray on your lawn and garden to eliminate and prevent grubs.
  • Tips – we’ve come to understand a lot about grub treatments and would be happy to offer advice to help you maintain your lawn.

If your lawn or garden shows signs of a grub problem, Contact Weed-A-Way or call us at 905-858-3100 and we’ll help you solve the issue at the source!