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Signs Your Lawn Needs Extra Care

With our hot summers and frozen winters lawn care in Milton can be a challenge. After a hard winter your lawn might return in the spring looking drab, it may even have brown or bald patches from being burnt by road salt. During a dry summer, you might notice other problems, like weeds and moss. How do you know what’s causing your lawn problems and what can you do to get your lawn lush and green again?

If your lawn in Milton has any of these problems, it needs a little TLC:

  • Weed growth
  • Slow grass growth
  • Thinning grass
  • Dull blue-green or purplish grass
  • Reddish grass
  • Brown grass
  • Bald patches and yellow grass
  • Fungus growth
  • Moss growth
  • Puddles or flooding after rain
  • Thatch build-up (a layer of brown, spongy, old grass below the green).

How do you know what has caused your lawn’s sad look? Grass is a living creature with complex needs, so there could be any number of issues.

Your lawn could have a nutrient deficiency, it could be contaminated by rust or salt, it may be overrun by pests, or it may need water, aeration, a lime treatment, or more. Our team of experts can get to the root of the problem and apply the right treatment at the right time of year, so you get a healthy lawn for the long-term.

Help Your Lawn Grow Green

The sooner you get to the bottom of your lawn’s health issue, the less treatments it will need. Which treatment plan is right for you?

  • Starter Lawn Care Package: This package includes three different applications of our eco-friendly, Canadian-made fertilizer, two weed control applications, and a free inspection for chinch bugs and grubs.
  • Intermediate Lawn Care Package: Those whose lawn has trouble spots will prefer this package, which includes a soil pH analysis and lime application. If pH isn’t right, the nutrients in the soil don’t get to your grass! This package also includes one liquid micronutrient application, 4 fertilizer applications, four weed control applications, and a free chinch bugs and grubs inspection.
  • Premium Lawn Care Package: This package resolves the tough issues lawns face, with a core aeration, which improves drainage and nutrient accessibility, helping clear up virtually every lawn problem. This package also includes everything the intermediate package offers, plus a free bag of Grade A Grass Seed.  

Lawn Care in Milton

With your lawn’s underlying problem resolved, and with regular maintenance, your lawn will be as green and lush as the best lawn in your neighbourhood. For professional lawn care services in Milton contact Weed-A-Way!


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