Lawn Fertilizer Hamilton

Lawn fertilizer treatment for healthy green grass.

Your lawn is often the first thing guests or neighbours see when they pass your property. Whether you’ve got a small patch of grass to accent your home or a sprawling lawn that covers your entire yard, keeping your grass healthy is important. There are a number of methods you can use to maintain your lawn, but one is more crucial than the others.

Hamilton lawn fertilizer is one the most effective ways to treat and grow your grass. Before deciding which method is right for you, take a moment to understand everything you need to know about fertilizer.

What is in Lawn Fertilizer?

Lawn fertilizer is made up of an assortment of naturally occurring chemicals. Fertilizer is applied to soil or turf to promote healthy growth in plants. Many of these chemicals, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, are found organically in certain types of soil – others are not. Fertilizer has been used for years as an effective aid for helping plants grow.

Fertilizer Treatments Hamilton

At Weed-A-Way, our lawn fertilizer in Hamilton is an eco-friendly fertilizer that is safe for your family and pets. We only use a premium Canadian-made blend comprised of nitrogen and potassium. You can easily return to enjoying your yard as soon the application has dried.

Here are a few benefits of lawn fertilizer treatments:

1) Improves Root Growth

Lawn fertilizer treatments release nutrients very slowly, allowing roots to absorb them in small doses. This results in stronger and more stable roots along with a better-looking turf.

2) Better Soil Health

Lawn fertilizer offers better moisture retention, increased aeration, and improved texture, allowing for more sustainable growth.

3) Safe for Family & Pets

Unlike other harsh treatments, our lawn fertilizers are natural and eco-friendly. Therefore, they don’t cause any harmful side effects and are safe for children or pets who use the lawn.

4) No Overfeeding/Burning

Before placing down a treatment, our team analyzes your soil to determine the right amount of lawn fertilizer for your grass. This prevents a fertilizer overload, which can cause burning or discolouration over time.

Lawn Fertilizer in Hamilton

Weed-A-Way offers lawn fertilizer treatments in Hamilton that are natural and environmentally-friendly. Our all organic approach is trusted by hundreds of satisfied customers. Become one too! Get your lawn looking bright and luscious in no time. Contact us or call 905-858-3100 for a FREE estimate or to set up an appointment.