Lawn Overseeding Mississauga

Lawn overseeding in Greater Toronto Area.

What is Lawn Overseeding?

Cultivating a healthy, green lawn can be difficult, as the grass is susceptible to all sorts of damage. Whether it’s a drought, pests, or a few months of procrastination, a dry, discoloured lawn is never ideal. There are a handful of ways you can ensure your lawn stays healthy, but one of the most effective in Mississauga is lawn overseeding. This actively fills in thinning drying and thinning areas with grass seed. This will increase the overall density of your lawn by stimulating new growth. The result? Take a look at the results of overseeding your lawn below.


Before                                                                                        After

At first glance, you can easily view the drying and damaged parts of the lawn — it’s patchy, thin, and gives plenty of room for weeds to sprout. After an overseeding treatment, your lawn will be able to sprout new grass and fill in patchy areas. Lawn overseeding in Mississauga only requires a few hours of work that can quickly transform your lawn into a luscious green yard, perfect for enjoying the summer weather.

Benefits of Lawn Overseeding

Mississauga lawn overseeding can make your lawn look and feel much healthier, using only a few simple steps. Besides growing new grass, there are plenty of other benefits to lawn overseeding. Here are just a few:

  • Reduce risk of pests and disease – thinned out grass leaves lots of room for weeds and pests to get underneath and cause trouble. A thicker lawn means less risk of pests and disease.
  • Reduces erosion – a dried out lawn is more susceptible to wind, rain, and foot traffic. Overseeding brings it back to life and protects it from the elements.
  • It’s affordable – why tear up your entire lawn if only a few areas are unhealthy? It allows us to target problem areas for a fraction of the cost.
  • It increases density & appearance – thinning grass just looks and feels unhealthy. Lawn overseeding in Mississauga can increase the grass density, making your lawn thicker and more attractive.

Lawn Overseeding in Mississauga

Bring your lawn back to life with lawn overseeding in Mississauga. Weed-A-Way’s overseeding treatment will make your lawn the envy of the neighbourhood. We specialize in quality lawn care, grass maintenance, grub treatments and more to help get your lawn its brightest and greenest. Contact us or call 905-858-3100 for a FREE estimate!