10 Advantages of Organic Lawn Care

Everyone loves a lush green lawn, and not only our neighbors, but ourselves. A healthy lawn improves the value of your property and your neighborhood and is a beautiful thing to behold. However, not all lawncare created equally, and many people are under the misconception that using pesticides and chemicals is the key to a beautiful lawn. In reality, the opposite turns out to be true. Organic lawn care is a much more effective and sustainable method of getting the lawn that you are after.

What Is Organic Care?

Organic care is a method of taking care of your lawn that does not involve the use of pesticides or chemicals to maintain it. Instead of harmful chemicals and pesticides, organic compounds are used to control weeds and fertilize your lawn. There are a number of advantages to using these methods. The alternative to this type of lawn care is synthetic chemical-based lawn care, which relies on the use of dangerous pesticides and fertilizers.

Synthetic Chemical-Based Care Vs. Organic Care

Synthetic chemical-based care isn’t harmless. Pesticides and chemicals are known carcinogens in many cases and have been shown to pollute the groundwater in many areas. These chemicals are dangerous to kids, pets, and your lawn itself over time. Synthetic chemical-based care actually leeches microbial properties and essential nutrients from your soil, which will damage your lawn in the long term.

There is no evidence that synthetic chemical-based care is superior to organic care.

Organic care, on the other hand, will leave microbial properties and essential nutrients intact within your soil, making your lawn healthier and more beautiful as a result. Organic weed control in fertilizers does an excellent job in controlling weeds and making the soil healthier for plants in general. Healthy soil equals a healthy lawn, and synthetic chemical-based care will not accomplish what it sets out to do overtime and is no substitute for the benefits of organic care.

10 Advantages Of Using Organic Lawn Care

There are numerous advantages to using organic care, which far outweigh traditional synthetic chemical-based lawn care, as we have discussed. We have assembled a list of some of the most important benefits and advantages that organic care will give you, your lawn, and the environment as well as the people that surround you (including children and pets). Let’s take a look at the top ten ones here:

1. Root Growth Will Improve

Treatment of lawns with organic lawn care compounds will slowly release phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen into the grassroots, which absorb them over time in small amounts. Roots become more fibrous, which results in a better appearing lawn.

2. Your Lawn Will Be Healthier

Lawns become dependent on mass fertilization using synthetic chemical-based fertilizer with frequent watering. A well-orchestrated organic lawn will be healthy enough to fight off weeds and withstand conditions. Chemical-based fertilizers suck the life out of your lawn, and the natural ecosystem is completely in disarray using them. Healthy lawns don’t come from chemicals; they come from nature, and using organic care will make your healthy lawn last over time.

3. You Can’t Over-Apply Organic Lawn Care Compounds

Organic lawn care compounds will break down over a period of time, whereas chemical-based lawn care chemicals can be over-applied and destroy your lawn. If you accidentally applied too much organic lawn care compound, the worse it will happen is nothing at all.

4. Your Lawn’s Ecosystem Will Revitalize

Your lawn’s ecosystem is fragile, but it is stronger than you think nonetheless. Nature has a strength and power of its own, and the chemicals in synthetic chemically-based lawn care are not good for the environment or the natural balance of your lawn. You need a certain amount of insects and other life to keep your lawn healthy. The ecosystem will restore itself to a much more natural beauty as a result of organic care.

5. Organic Care Compounds Are Completely Biodegradable

As the name suggests, organic care is made up of completely biodegradable compounds. Using them will not harm the environment or your lawn, and they will be completely absorbed into the ecosystem and nutrient base of your soil. You will not have to worry about pollution in your yard or lawn as a result.

6. Organic Care Is Totally Safe For Pets And Children

Pets and children do not have to be exposed to synthetic chemically-based lawn care products such as harmful carcinogenic chemicals in pesticides, and they should not be. Using organic care is the responsible thing to do if you have pets and family that could be exposed to harmful chemicals. Because organic care is totally safe for everyone and everything, it is the preferable method of lawn care amongst professionals who care.

7. Reduce Pollution Of Water And Soil

Synthetic chemically-based lawn care will pollute the water and soil in the environment over time and may affect the drinking water in some areas. This can easily be avoided by using organic-based lawn care techniques, methods, and compounds. No one wants to drink polluted water or have their family or loved ones drink it either. If you want to reduce the pollution in your environment and in your neighborhood, organic care is one step to take that you won’t regret.

8. Make Soil Less Vulnerable To Disease And Pests

You may think that synthetic chemically-based lawn care would do a lot to make lawns less vulnerable to disease and pests, but in reality, it does not do that. Proven to reduce the risk of disease and pests in your lawn, organic care naturally keeps your lawn in balance, so disease and pests are less likely to strike.

9. Assist The Photosynthesis Process

Your lawn is a living biosphere made of blades of grass, and each blade of grass requires the process of photosynthesis to survive. Photosynthesis is better assisted using organic care methods than by synthetic chemically-based lawn care. This results in a much better-looking lawn that is healthier overall.

10. You Can Save Money Using Organic Care Methods

Organic care methods are traditionally much less expensive than synthetic chemically-based lawn care pesticides and chemicals. You will save money, and you may save time as well, although in some cases, using organic care methods may require a little bit of extra effort. The money you save and all of the many other benefits you get are well worth it. Some people actually save time using organic care methods as well.

When Choosing Organic Lawn Care

Organic care has a host of benefits and advantages over traditional synthetic chemically-based lawn care methods and products. Choosing organic care will be the best decision you’ve made about your lawn in a long time. In order to get the best organic lawn care services in your area, you should consult a professional who really knows what they’re doing. There’s a lot of competition out there, but when it comes to the pros who know, weedaway.com has more information as to how we can apply organic care for your lawn as well as a host of other lawn and landscaping needs.

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