The 7 Best Lawn Care Tips for 2020

If you’re like most homeowners with a yard of some sort, you might envision yourself cheerfully mowing a large swath of dark green grass, entertaining with family and friends on a deck or patio overlooking a well-tended backyard, or possibly watching your kids frolic on a freshly cut lawn. What is probably left out of these visions, however, are bare spots, thinning areas, and clumps of dandelions or other weeds. If you would like to ensure that your dream becomes a reality, following these simple lawn care tips from Weed-A-Way lawn care in Mississauga, Ontario, can help you do just that.

The Basics of Lawn Care

Generally, there are three main elements involved in basic lawn care: mowing, watering, and fertilizing. It is important, though, to make sure that you are mowing at the ideal height and frequency, watering at a proper rate, and fertilizing at appropriate times for your particular lawn’s needs.

Even so, depending on your particular yard, you may still find that occasional weeds crop up that need tending, and you may realize that your lawn would benefit from additional treatments, such as aeration and seeding. Any of these extra services in conjunction with basic lawn care will help your lawn thrive, weed-free and lush.

The 7 Best Lawn Care Tips for 2020

1. Mow Properly

Often regarded as the quintessential first step in any lawn care program, the mowing process can be detrimental to your lawn if not done properly. First, it is always important to have a sharpened blade on your lawnmower. This ensures that you are not damaging the blade of grass with the blade of the mower.

Next, be sure to adjust the height of your mower so that it is set at a height of 3 inches minimum and you are not removing any more than one-third of the grass at any time. Some homeowners cut their lawn too short: a practice that leaves the lawn vulnerable to weeds and disease. In order to provide nutrients to your lawn, leaving the clippings on the grass is actually helpful, as long as they are not large clumps of grass that will result in unsightly brown patches in your yard.

A mulching mower will help with this process, as will keeping an eye on the height of the grass as it grows. Rather than mowing simply because it’s Saturday, for example, you may need to mow more frequently in the spring after steady rains and less often in the summer when heat and humidity can stress out a lawn.

2. Water at Appropriate Times

Again, common sense is necessary in the watering process. During regular conditions in the spring and fall, you may need to only water once a week. In the heat of the summer, however, you may find that you need to water more frequently: perhaps two to three times per week.

In drought conditions, be sure to reduce foot traffic as much as possible, too, in order to alleviate some of the stress on the grass. No matter the season, you should maintain an early morning watering schedule since moisture that is on your grass in the afternoon or evening may evaporate more quickly in the heat.

3. Fertilize at Regular Intervals

The third pillar in lawn care is to be sure to fertilize your lawn regularly. Our Canadian-made fertilizer, which is composed of nitrogen and potassium, slowly releases nutrients over a one to two month period, providing your lawn with better color and resistance to weeds and disease. Since our fertilizer is eco-friendly, as soon as it has dried on your lawn, it is safe for both children and pets.

For those clients who want a truly natural lawn, we also offer organic fertilizer derived from corn gluten, which still encourages deep roots and diminishes weeds. Either way, fertilizing four times a year is usually desirable.

4. Have Your Soil Analyzed

One of the most important lawn care tips that is often overlooked is having your soil analyzed. Because each lawn is different, each lawn’s requirements are different. Our technicians can perform a soil analysis that will help us better serve you and your lawn. Based on the results, we can then adjust your fertilizer application to the specific needs of your lawn. We may also may recommendations for other treatments, such as a lime application, depending on our findings.

5. Eliminate Thinning

Especially at the beginning of any lawn care program, you may find that bare spots and thin areas exist in your yard and have also given rise to weeds. The best prevention against weeds is a lush lawn. In order to facilitate that, another option is our Seed & Feed program.

This mixture is a combination of grass seeds, fertilizer, bonding agents, organic matter, and water that is applied with a spreader. Working more efficiently than with just seed alone, within 30-45 days, your lawn will show a marked increase in thickness, green color, and a reduction in weeds.

6. Aerate and Overseed

Usually performed in the spring or fall, aerating and seeding should become one of the cornerstones of your lawn care program. With aeration, small holes are placed at regularly spaced intervals throughout your lawn. These holes reduce soil compaction, improve drainage, and when used in conjunction with overseeding, provide the new seed with a safe place in which to germinate.

The plugs that are pulled from the earth will break down within a week or so, and all that will be left is a healthier, stronger turf for you and your family to enjoy. This is one of the most essential but often ignored lawn care tips.

7. Rid Your Lawn of Weeds

Despite your attention to your lawn’s needs, you may find that you still have an occasional weed crop up now and again. In order to reduce the potential spread of the weeds, it is important to treat them quickly. With FIESTA, our mineral-based, natural product, you can eliminate weeds safely and effectively.

Iron-free, unlike many weed control products, our treatment leaves no odor behind and is safe for pets and people once it has dried. As early as the first day, you will begin to notice visible results as your weeds begin to die out. Within about one week, your grass will no longer be in competition with weeds.

Lawn Care Tips for a Lush Lawn

If you follow these basic lawn care tips, you will be well on your way to the lawn of your dreams. Adhering to the fundamentals of mowing, watering, and fertilizing, you will be providing your grass with the foundation it needs to thrive. Furthermore, obtaining a soil analysis performed by our pros will ensure that your fertilizer is properly applied and any additional recommendations for Seed & Feed, aeration and overseeding, or even weed control can be made with your particular lawn in mind.

 In order to begin your path to that lush, green lawn, contact our licensed, experienced technicians at Weed-A-Way in Mississauga, Ontario, today. Our advanced turf management pros will assist you in achieving that lawn of your dreams that you can enjoy with your friends and family throughout the years.

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