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The Best Ways To Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Besides packing away our mitts, boots, and snow pants, we can prepare for spring by making sure our lawn is set up for success. A beautiful lawn helps your home look its best, is a great place to play around with your kids, and is wonderful to walk on barefoot. Here are some benefits associated with spring lawn care and a number of ways to make sure your lawn looks and feels incredible this year.

Benefits of spring lawn prep

The best defence is a strong offence, and this will definitely be seen in your lawn when you get it ready to recover from the winter elements as early as possible. Here are some benefits to prepping your lawn for spring:

  • Save time on unnecessary yard work and hassle later in the season
  • Save money on lawn care products and services
  • Give your lawn the nutrients it needs to remain healthy
  • You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour during summertime
  •  A green lawn makes your landscaping look even better
  • You’re more likely to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather if your lawn is pleasant to be on.

Ways to get your lawn ready for spring

Your lawn can take a real beating throughout the year. From insects and foot traffic to weather and pets, lawns need help to make sure they look as green and plush as possible. Here are some spring lawn care services that the experts at Weed-A-Way offer to get your lawn ready for spring.


You may be thinking “But I raked before the snow fell.” This process isn’t so much about getting the leaves off your yard, as it is about dethatching your lawn. Thatch is essentially a buildup of dead turfgrass. If it stays on your turf, it can block water and sunlight from getting to the grassroots of your lawn. This is also a great time to do an inspection of your lawn to look for any matted or bald patches.


Your lawn likes having a neutral pH balance. If your lawn is too acidic, you may need to consider having a lime treatment done to balance the pH levels in your soil. This can help combat fungal diseases and keep your lawn from becoming patchy.

Overseeding and core aeration

One of the most common lawn issues is the thinning of the grass blades. This can cause your yard to look patchy and unattractive. Having overseeding and core aeration done on your yard is the best way to counteract and even protect it from these problems. This process replaces dead blades of grass with new ones, while also strengthening the ability of your lawn to repair itself.


Your lawn has to deal with a variety of enemies. Lack of water, grubs and surface diseases are just a few of them. To armor your lawn against these villains, you should fertilize in the early spring. Weed-A-Way’s seed & feed is the way to go. This service involves laying down a mixture of grass seeds, organic matter, fertilizers, bonding agents, and water directly on your yard through a spreader. It promotes a healthy environment that germinating seeds will love, and pests will hate.

Weed control

Of all the things that your lawn must fight off, weeds may be the most frustrating. You pull and pull and they still find a way back. They look unsightly and take precious nutrients away from your lawn. That’s why proper weed control is so important to a healthy lawn. Weed-A-Way’s FIESTA application is not only effective, but it’s also environmentally conscious. It works quickly and will help your lawn fight the nuisance of weeds, and keep them away all year long.

To find out more about any of these services or to schedule an appointment, contact the lawn care professionals at Weed-A-Way before spring arrives, and get the beautiful lawn that you and your family deserve.

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