When Is the Right Time for Lawn Overseeding?

Nobody likes a thin lawn with bare patches. It’s uncomfortable to walk on and looks unhealthy. Lawn overseeding is a highly effective way to restore your lawn to a thick, plush, healthy state. When done correctly, overseeding can rejuvenate your yard, improve the value of your home, and make your lawn the envy of your neighbors. The experts at Weed-A-Way can help create a custom plan for optimal overseeding that is sure to bring you astonishing results.

Lawn Overseeding

Lawns with bare patches or thinning grass are unsightly and unhealthy. Overseeding is a simple process that involves spreading a new layer of grass seed over existing turf. This process is much easier than pulling up and replacing turf and can provide you with amazing results in as little as thirty days.

The new seeds germinate and grow to fill in the sparse areas and add body elsewhere. The result is a full, lush lawn that looks great and feels like a carpet under you or your children’s bare feet. Overseeding is a treatment that requires consideration of your local season and overall climate.


Aeration is another treatment you should consider along with overseeding. Aeration is the process of perforating the soil with small holes that allow the roots of your lawn grass to grow deeper and healthier.

The result is stronger grass with access to more soil nutrients that is less prone to patches forming. Also, thick grassroots make it more difficult for weeds to encroach on the lawn. We recommend aeration at least once a year, and it is a great preparation to ensure you get maximum results from overseeding.

When Is the Best Time for Overseeding?

There are many times of year that you can take advantage of overseeding. Always try to overseed at least forty-five days prior to frost to ensure that the young shoots will have a chance to establish themselves before becoming stressed by low temperatures. Ideally, you should overseed within forty-eight hours of aerating your lawn to give the new seed a chance to take advantage of the aeration process.

The late spring is an ideal time of year for overseeding as grasses enter their active growth stage. Weed-A-Way can help you evaluate your lawn and put you on an ideal overseeding schedule.

The Right Nutrient Mix

The right nutrient mix will ensure that your new seeds will germinate as fast as possible. The faster the seeds take root and bond with the existing turf, the better, stronger, and healthier your replenished lawn will be. It is important to make sure your overseeding mix contains an optimal combination of water, organic matter, and bonding agents.

When done correctly your new lawn will be more vibrant, healthier, and less resistant to drought. If you’re ready to say goodbye to bare patches, overseeding might be the ideal solution for you.

A Better Lawn at an Affordable Price

Lawn overseeding is one of the best ways to quickly and affordably ensure your lawn will look its absolute best. Ensuring the optimal root structure of your turf helps you achieve a yard that is plush, vibrant, full and healthy. The better your root structure, the less likely you are to see encroaching weeds or bare patches. Overseeding is a viable procedure throughout much of the spring, summer and fall and is a fantastic way to provide your lawn with a facelift with visible results in as little as thirty days.

If you’re interested in learning more about overseedingcontact the Weed-A-Way today. They’ll help evaluate your turf and provide the best nutrient mixture, and will also help recommend the optimal time of year so your lawn overseeding has the best chance of taking root.

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