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Get Your Lawn Ready For Spring

A healthy green lawn begins with proper preparation and maintenance in the Spring. By completing the steps described below, you can get a leg up on your neighbours, and have the greenest lawn on the block!


Clean up the Lawn and Prepare Tools

The first step you need to take when starting your Spring lawn care regime is to clean up your yard and ensure that the grass and soil are ready to be worked on. This includes allowing for adequate drying time so that the lawn and soil underneath are strong, as walking on soggy turf can damage fragile root systems beneath the surface. Rake up any debris left on the grass in order to have a clean slate to start maintenance with. This is also the time to make sure you have all of the tools you will need for lawn upkeep in the coming months. Ensure all hand tools are accounted for and all gas-powered tools are fueled and in working order. Sharpen lawn mower blades if you know how to do so, or have it done by a professional at least once per year.


Aerate Your Lawn

Soil compaction occurs in high-traffic areas of your lawn and makes it harder for grass to take root. It can also lead to an abundance of weeds, which makes aeration necessary for the healthiest lawn possible. Aeration involves puncturing and breaking up the compacted soil to allow air and water to flow through to the grass roots. If you desire, you can do this yourself with hand tools or spikes, but the easiest and most effective way to aerate your lawn is with an aerator, a tool that removes small “plugs” out of the lawn surface. Professionals have the tools and expertise to carry out the aeration process with ease.


Reseed and Fertilize Your Soil

If you notice bare spots in your lawn, you may want to re-seed those patches so that grass will fill them in. It is important not to spread new grass seed until the weather is consistently warm, as the cold will hurt the growth process. Once the temperature is consistently around 15 degrees Celsius each day, it is safe to lay the seed. Use a slow-release fertilizer with low nitrogen on your lawn once warm weather is consistent to keep grass growing in full and green. Fertilizer can be re-applied throughout the growing season to keep your lawn looking great for the entire patio season.

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